Disclosure of payments to Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organisations

We are committed to the highest standards of conduct in all of our operations, including how we partner with physicians and medical institutions.

We believe in working transparently with the healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations that help us to develop innovative treatments that improve people's health and wellbeing. In Europe we have many years of experience in collaborating with healthcare professionals on both early scientific research and within clinical trial programmes.

We believe in fair reimbursement to healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations for their time and expertise and are committed to ensuring the transparency of our relationships with them. Across Europe, the pharmaceutical industry discloses payments to health professionals and healthcare organisations at an individual level (For more information, see http://www.disclosureuk.org.uk). Together with other ABPI member companies we are declaring the amount paid to individual healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations, or an aggregate payment which includes the total figure paid to healthcare professionals, plus the number of healthcare professionals who received payments.

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